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Priscilla - Howard Nelson

October 3, 2012.

5538774414_e697e4ba35For those of you who know me whether via my blog or via my work in animal welfare know that I love my dogs Priscilla, Emmy and Cali.   I am dedicating three blog posts to each of my dogs and their story.

Priscilla, my youngest dog, and by far my best rescue work to date.   Priscilla was a frightened, abused and emaciated dog when I rescued her (or should I say she rescued me).    We adopted her from the PSPCA in Philadelphia where she was rescued from certain death by a caring humane law enforcement officer no longer working at the PSPCA.     I thank her each and every day for saving Priscilla’s life.

Today Priscilla is a normal, adjusted and happy dog.   By far, my biggest supporter, she follows me everywhere.  Waits on the stairs all day while I am at work.  Sleeps next to me each adn every night.

A few fun facts about Priscilla:

She hates a bath…in fact, if I pull more than one towel from the linen closet, Priscilla bolts down the stairs assuming multiple towels might mean a dog bath!

Priscilla waits for the mail man, UPS man, and Fedex man ALL day.

Priscilla had major surgery on her knee this summer at Metropolitcan Animal Hospital outside of Philadelphia.    What a fantastic place.

Priscilla’s best toy is her tennis ball or any toy she can take away from Emmy and Cali

And Priscilla has learned to open the back door and let herself out into the courtyard and can also let herself back in!

Priscilla loves the beach and loves being away from the noises of the City.

Howard Nelson


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